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Jet Ski Bombardier.
Rent a Jet Ski Capri.


Jet Skis (also known as PWC - personal water craft) are an enjoyable and refreshing alternative to motor boats. They are real floating scooters that have an internal combustion engine with a typical rear pump for the water jet. The Jet Ski Bombardier is one of the best manufacturers of jet skis and is a brand known for the quality of its models. Infact the ones we offer are equipped with a propulsion system that guarantees the best performance and if you are skilled with the engines, entertainment at sea is assured. The Jet Ski Bombardier has a length of approximately 4 meters and can accommodate up to 3 passengers. To ride any water bike, regardless of the power of the engine and place of rental, you must always be in possession of a license.

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Technical Specifications

Details and information. Size of the vessel,  internal and external capacity, engine speed and driving requirements.

Engines: 800 cc.
Max Capacity: 3 passengers.
Other: international license is needed in order to drive.

Jet Ski Bombardier for a challenge against high speed. A large and spacious jet ski for your fun afternoons.


The crew of Amalfi Sails will be responsible for responding to your every request, to monitor the jet ski and deliver it to you in perfect condition. The Jet Ski Bombardier will allow you to move independently around the island of Capri and along the Amalfi Coast: you are free to choose your preferred route. For each model we  allocate time to promotions, please refer to our special offers section.

Speed and Adrenaline?
Book a Jet Ski Bombardier!


Motoscafini  »  Jet Ski Bombardier  »  Excursions

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